AGE LIMIT POLICY: 18+  (VIP 21+)    All attendees for Vicki’s Camp & Country Jam must be 18 years of age or older. ALL VIP MUST BE 21+.  Refunds will not be issued.

July 10-12, 2025


Vicki's Camp N Country Jam

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Vicki’s Camp N County Jam is both a music festival AND a camping festival. Bring your camping trailer, ice/fish house, RV or tent…and enjoy your spacious campsite before and after the live country music concerts.  Let Vicki’s Camp N Country Jam be your vacation destination in 2025 and for years to come!

  • We open our campgrounds at 9:00 am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings. Closed at 9:00 pm each night.
  • Please read all of our details below…there is a lot of great info to know about our campgrounds/sites.
Weekend campsites are reserved for you at the time of purchase and are located directly in back of the concert area…no long walks, no waiting in line for buses…as the furthest campsite to the concert area is less than a 10 minute walk! Each primitive campsite is 25′ x 45′, with two campgrounds side by side.  Must be 18+.  Reserve your campsite today! 
See all details for camping below!

Access Wristband

  • Camp Access wristbands are $50 per person for the entire weekend, and must be purchased to be in the campground.  These wristbands allow campers and visiting attendees to enter and exit the campgrounds.  (If you do not have a camp access wristband, you will not be allowed into the campgrounds, whether you are camping in the campgrounds, or you are visiting a camper.)
  • Camp access passes will be exchanged for a camping wristband at the campground gate/box office at arrival. Wristbands must be worn at all times for campground entry.
  • You must purchase a concert ticket, in order to be in the campground.
  • Must be 18+.


  • All campsites are $119 per site and all of the sites are reserved sites (up to 6 people per campsite).
  • Camping pass must be displayed on vehicles at all times.
  • You can place (1) tent, RV, travel trailer, ice/fish house (or the back of your pickup) on your 25’ x 45’ campsite.
  • Only one (1) steering wheel allowed per site (= 1 tow vehicle or 1 motorhome).  
  • Setting up your camper after 9:00 PM each night is not permitted due to safety concerns. If you arrive after 9:00 PM you will be required to stage at another location.
  • Any tent, RV, travel trailer, ice/fish house and tow vehicle; including tables, chairs, shade tents, grills and lawn games must fit within the designated 25’ x 45’ campsite footprint. Absolutely no blocking of roadways is permitted.
  • Each camper’s awning or slide out must be a minimum of 7′ from neighbor/camper’s awning or slide out, per Redwood County SW Health and Human Services AND the MN Dept of Health per statue stating:  Recreational camping vehicles and tents, including attachments, must be separated from each other and other structures by at least seven feet.
  • Campsites are limited, so purchase early.
  • You must purchase a concert ticket, in order to be in the campground.
  • Must be 18+.


  • There is a maximum of number of 6 people per campsite.  Each person must purchase a camp access wristband. 
  • You must purchase a concert ticket, in order to be in the campground.
  • Must be 18+. 


  • No wood burning campfires are allowed.    

Power, Sewer, Water

  • All camp sites are primitive, with no power, sewer or water hookups.
  • Southwest Sanitation will pump your black/grey tank at certain times during the weekend.  Stop by the VCCJam Merch tent to schedule your pump time. Cost is $50 – cash only.
  • If you want your fresh water tank filled or topped off, stop by the VCCJam Merch tent to schedule your refill time. Cost is $25 – cash only.
  • You are required to use invertor generators only (60 dB or less) 
  • At any time, Vicki’s Camp N Country Jam has the right to ask campers to shut their generators off if needed.
  • Please be courteous and point generator exhaust away from any person or vehicle.

Clean Your site

  • Please help keep the campground and your camp site clean and pick up your area and put all your waste in the many receptacles around the camping area. 
  • You are responsible for keeping your campsite clean when leaving the festival.
  • If you do not clean your campsite upon leaving, it may result in the cancellation of your campsite at next year’s event.
  • All campsites must be clean and vacated by 12:00 PM Sunday. (No exceptions.)

General Information

  • Security will be present in the campgrounds at all times and will provide 24-hour security at the campground entrance. Safety checks will regularly occur to monitor safe camping conditions. Please notify campground staff or security of any concern.
  • All people in the campgrounds must wear a wristband at all times. Violators will be subject to trespassing.
  • You must purchase a concert ticket, in order to be in the campground.
  • Quiet time in campgrounds from 12:00 AM – 7:00 AM. 
  • No camping permitted in any parking lot and violators will be towed at owner’s expense.
  • No glass bottles or containers of any kind allowed on the property, campground and concert area.
  • No weapons of any kind permitted.
  • Please be respectful of the land surrounding the festival, as the farmers land is private.  NO TRESPASSING on their property.
  • Persons violating policies will be ejected and may be subject to prosecution.