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June 27-29, 2024


Vicki's Camp N Country Jam


We are so excited to have these awesome NATIONAL artists join us: Easton Corbin, Sawyer Brown and Cooper Alan at our 3rd annual Vicki’s Camp N Country Jam lineup!!!   More artist announcements coming soon!

Also, we are happy to host our very talented regional and local artists: Church of Cash, HickTown Mafia, The T & A Show Band

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There’s a simple beauty to country music. It’s only three-chords-and-the-truth, after all, so greatness comes from authenticity. But for an artist like Cooper Alan, that can lead in some daring directions.

A rising star with the spirit of a true entertainer, a penchant for outside-the-box thinking and a growing, self-built audience, he’s an artist willing to take country where others have never dreamed – and fans love him for it. Whether it’s a deeply personal, step-by-step romantic saga, or an off-the-wall party anthem, Alan’s music is already some of country’s most fearless work, and he’s just getting started.

“An audience can tell when you’re not being authentic to yourself,” the North Carolina native says. “So for me, I’ve gotta be willing to always go with my gut musically, wherever that takes me.”

A native of Winston-Salem, that willingness has already led to success, with the independent artist racking up more than 100 million Spotify streams, a massive social media presence with more than 8 million TikTok followers, and a touring footprint that sold over 40,000 tickets to his headlining shows in 2022 alone. It all stems from an ability to meet fans where they are – a creative renegade freely mixing musical styles, with boundless energy, sharp writing and often, a sense of humor. But don’t be mistaken, there’s nothing gimmicky about it.

Born in a family of music fans, Alan formed his first band in the 8th grade – and right from the start, he saw performing as an art. Equal parts showmanship and skill, his anything-goes approach pulled as much from Kenny Chesney and Kid Rock as AC/DC and Afroman, and while his deep, resonate vocal and love of country values pulled him toward the country format, his fans always led the way.

“I was always driven by the show – even more than the songs,” he admits. “I got into this whole thing playing in bars, and it was all about being an entertainer, just giving people a hell of a night.”

Alan took that mission to college, leading a popular party band while attending the University of North Carolina, but things changed after his 2018 graduation. Meeting songwriter Victoria Shaw – the hit maker behind John Michael Montgomery’s “I Love the Way You Love Me,”

Garth Brooks’ “The River,” and more – his eyes suddenly opened to artistry. Shaw took the talented frontman under her wing, and taught him to put his songs on par with his show. It was something he had to do his own way.

“It changed my mindset towards music,” he admits. “You gotta write what’s true and authentic to you – even if it sounds crazy compared to everything else.”

To Alan, what was true and authentic included topical standouts like his clever 2019 breakout,

“Climate Change,” and the tender “New Normal,” which came out in 2020 as the pandemic raged. The world had been forced indoors – and for those who were lucky, into the arms of true love, so Alan turned that silver lining into digital gold. With his vocal depth on full display, plus a clean snap-track and tender lyrics, it was a bold showcase of his ability to move fast and shoot straight, and it became his first viral hit.

“New Normal” pulled in 70,000 Spotify streams on its first day, with TikTok fans recording dance clips and digging into his back catalog. The sly “Colt 45 Country Remix” followed suit, reimagining the Afroman classic with countrified lyrics and a cheshire grin, and both tracks have now been streamed more than 20 million times on Spotify alone.

Meanwhile, Alan’s TikTok audience exploded, as the born entertainer has sought to create a two-way relationship with fans, both onstage and on social media. For him, it’s always been about taking this ride along with the people listening – creating music they can see themselves in and be proud to love. And now he’s pushing forward. 

Forming Cooped Up Records with Shaw, his team now includes mangers Chris Kappy, Jarrod Holley and Walker Newberry, plus booking by the WME agency’s Morgan Kenney. And as his shows continue getting bigger (and wilder), the left-of-center hits keep coming.

Tunes like “First Rodeo” pack a pulsating EDM punch, while “Can’t Dance” finds the talent embracing his lack of moves with a grooving, genre-defying strut. Each time Alan knows he’ll get some flack, but he doesn’t care.

“It’s OK to do something nobody else has really done,” he says. “It might piss some people off, but at least I’m trying something different and cool.”

He’s keeping it going in 2023, letting loose on the haters with tracks like “This Ain’t Country” –

and also planning to prove once and for all, he’s more than they think. A heavy hitting rap-rock kissoff to all those who dismiss Alan’s wild side, “This Ain’t Country” will be followed by a series of tunes telling the real-life story behind his upcoming wedding, as the emerging star taps timeless country romance.

“I get a lot of comments saying, ‘Oh that’s not country music,’” Alan admits. “And it’s like, ‘Hey I love Merle Haggard! And like Merle, I’m doing my own thing, making music my own way.

And the fans are responding, showing up night after night to sing every single word to my songs!”

Call it whatever you want. It makes sense to him – and it’s clearly working for his fans.

“My main driver is still the people listening,” he explains. “They built this whole thing up with me, so they deserve that power. I wanna make them smile and have fun. I wanna make them enjoy life a little bit more. And I also want them to see into what I’m thinking.”

Easton Corbin has been gracing stages with his memorable baritone and unique blend of traditional and modern country music for more than a decade. The Florida native, who boasts two No. 1 singles with “A Little More Country Than That” and “Roll With It,” embarks on a new musical chapter with his recent signing to Stone Country Records. Corbin teams with industry veterans Benny Brown, Paul Brown and Jason Sellers as the label’s flagship artist.

Corbin says he and Music Row mainstay Benny Brown initially met and bonded over their mutual love of traditional country music. No stranger to the writing room himself, Corbin has penned songs with Sellers ahead of signing with the independent label. The singer, who has spent several years as an independent artist following nearly a decade with Mercury Nashville, says he’s in a great position being Stone Country’s flagship artist.

“They let me do what I want to do and let me be me, which is very important,” the singer says.

Corbin’s neotraditional sound shined on his debut label single “I Can’t Decide,” co-written by Corbin with producer Wade Kirby and esteemed writers Ashley Gorley and Rhett Akins. The soaring pedal steel combined with a driving beat and plucked guitar rhythms allows Corbin’s warm baritone to further accentuate the up-tempo song.

The Florida native continues to write with longtime producer Carson Chamberlain as well as Kirby, Shane Minor, Adam Craig and Wyatt McCubbin, who he penned the romantic wedding ode and current radio single “Marry That Girl” with. Corbin says the past three years have allowed him to focus more seriously on writing music and finding the message he wants to convey to listeners on his forthcoming project.

“It’s about being authentic and that’s what I always focus on when I write or record,” he says. “I keep one foot in traditional and one foot in the modern and marry those two. That’s really been my motto through the years.”

And he’s had a successful time doing so. Throughout his career, Corbin has amassed seven top 10 singles and three American Country Awards. Named Billboard’s 2010 Top New Country Artist, Corbin has never shied away from his traditional roots with Your Big Sky complimenting his “unapologetic and unwavering traditional country sound.” His self-titled debut album was named Country Breakthrough Album of the Year by iTunes Rewind Best of 2010 while American Songwriter has complimented the singer’s “warm, smooth-as-gravy-southern drawl.”

Along the way, Corbin hasn’t forgotten his roots. The young boy who grew up listening to Merle Haggard and George Jones with his grandparents remembers where he came from.

“I do love traditional country music,” he says. “That sound is what drew me to country music as a genre. One of my very first records was a Merle Haggard album when I was a kid. The way he delivered a song, the emotion in his songwriting and in his voice, he was just the whole package.”

Corbin most recently released his album Let’s Do Country Right – his first in eight years. The 14-song feat is a collection of new, yet-to-be-heard tunes, as well as previously released songs, like Corbin’s current radio single and streaming hit “Marry That Girl.” Since releasing with DSPs, the romantic ode has organically amassed an impressive 55 million+ streams collectively, and was featured on hit FOX reboot Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer.
On radio impact, it was the No. 2 most added song by country stations, and was featured in a live performance by top daytime talk show The Kelly Clarkson Show, as well as fan-favorite syndicated iHeart radio show The Bobby Bones Show. Laced with Corbin’s warmly familiar baritone vocals, and layered with the true-to-his-roots production fans and radio love, the record offers something for everyone.

“The record is a good mixture of that up-tempo and midtempo songs along with a few ballads here and there,” he says of Let’s Do Country Right.