AGE LIMIT POLICY: 18+  (VIP 21+)    All attendees for Vicki’s Camp & Country Jam must be 18 years of age or older. Refunds will not be issued to fans who purchase tickets and are under 18 years of age.

June 27-29, 2024


Vicki's Camp N Country Jam

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There is SOOOO much to do at Vicki’s Camp N Country Jam festival!  In addition to watching live country music for 3 straight days, we have fun activities for everyone to join in on.  Some are free, some cost money, some are silly, some are serious, some have HUGE prizes, some have cash prizes, some are for the younger, some are for the older, some are challenging, some are just easy-peasy…but all of our activities are what make our “small intimate” festival so unique and soooo much fun!  Come join in and experience our amusing and entertaining activities, that will make memories to last a lifetime!  

You must purchase a GA (General Admission) or VIP concert ticket, to enter into any activities!

Open to VIP only:  Putt Putt Contest with Artist
Open to all VCC Jammers:
* NEW Activities for 2024 * Bowling Tourney, Line Dance Lessons, Dunk Tank, Rock/Paper/Scissors Contest
Bean Bag Tourney, Bingo, Stein Holding Contest, Big Ball Beer Pong, Treasure Hunt, Fishin’ in the Light Casting Contest, Can Stacking Contest, Country Music Trivia, Karaoke

Bean Bags Tournament

Winner $500, 2nd Place $200

Join in on the fun bean bag tournaments. Sign up below and pay at the festival!

BINGO - Guns, Diamonds & Cash

Win Guns, Diamonds or Cash!

Who wouldn’t want to play bingo for a gun, a diamond or cash?!!  

Stein/Mug Holding Contest

Win up to $250 Cash/Prizes!

This is a contest about will power, determination & desire to become the winner!

BIG Ball Beer Pong Contest

Win up to $250 Cash/Prizes!

If you like beer pong, this is nothing like it.  You will love BIG ball beer pong. 

Bowling "Turkey" Tournament

Win up to $250 Cash/Prizes!

Have you ever bowled outside?  Come roll a “turkey” and win lots of cash!

Line Dance Lessons FREE

Become a line dancer!

If you have always wanted to learn how to line dance, now is the time…for FREE!

Dunk Tank

Dunk someone or be dunked?

Time to dunk “that person”, or maybe you want to be “that person” to be dunked.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Contest

Win up to $250 Cash/Prizes!

Who doesn’t want to play “rock, paper, scissors” for money?

Treasure Hunt for Prizes

Win up to $250 Cash/Prizes!!

Let’s go hunting…for a treasure!  You will be given clues to find the treasure!

Fishin' Casting Contest in the Light

Win up to $250 Cash/Prizes!

Test your fishing casting skills in the light from a distance far enough to be a challenge.

Putt Putt Partee Contest

Win Autographed Swag!

For VIP attendees only!  Play against artists Chris Kroeze or The Jensen Sisters!

Country Music Trivia Contest

Win up to $250 Cash/Prizes!

Do you think you know a lot about country music? Come test your knowledge!

Can Stacking Up Contest

Win up to $250 Cash/Prizes!

Do you want to try and beat the WORLD RECORD and stack 39 cans up?!

Pancake Feeed & BINGO

Win up to $200 Prize Value!

Come and eat some yummy pancakes & sausage…and then play bingo!

Karaoke Contest for Everyone

Show your talent…or not!

If you like to sing, now is your chance to sing on the saloon stage!

Activities Schedule with Artist Lineup - Dates & Times

Bowling "Turkey" Tournament - Win Cash!

Line Dance Lessons - FREE

Dunk Tank Contest

Rock, Paper, Scissors Contest - Win Big Prizes!

Bean Bag Tournament - 1st Place $500; 2nd Place $200

BINGO - Win Guns, Diamonds or Cash!

Stein/Mug Holding Contest - Win Cash!

BIG Ball Beer Pong - Win Big Prizes!

Treasure Hunt - Win Big Prizes!

Fishin' Casting Contest - Win Big Prizes!

Putt Putt Partee Contest - Win Big Prizes!

Can Stackig Contest Contest - Win Big Prizes!

Country Music Trivia Contest - Win Big Prizes!

Pancake Feed & BINGO

Karaoke Contest - Win Big Prizes!

Activities Schedule with Artist Lineup - Dates & Times