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June 27-29, 2024


Vicki's Camp N Country Jam

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Get to know one of our 2022 headliners! LOCASH had an interview with Big Country 96.5 Curt St. John radio announcer. We are excited to welcome them to our inaugural Vicki’s Camp N Country Jam through July 9, 2022!

It’s Quick Country, 96.5 Curt St. John in the morning. Hang on just a second. We got the phone is ringing here. Let me just check this out. Quick Country. Good morning.

Good morning. What’s up, man? It’s LOCASH.

Hi, guys. How are you?

We’re doing fantastic, brother.

Thanks so much for taking some time here. Congrats on the big ACM nomination, guys.

Thank you, man. It’s always an honor to be nominated for any of the award shows.

That’s pretty cool. It’s also pretty cool is that you can see LOCASH. They’re right here in Minnesota at Vicki’s Camp N Country Jam coming up on Saturday, July the 9th. Talking with Chris Lucas and Preston Brust, the guys from LOCASH. Now you have a brand-new song out with The Beach Boys. How did you guys get hooked up with the Beach Boys?

Man, we had a dream. We write a lot of songs about beaches sometimes, and I remember Preston looking at me and saying, if we’re going to write a song about beach, let’s go OG. Let’s bring back The Beach Boys. Let’s put their harmonies in it, and we write the song and we’re dreaming about maybe they’ll be on it one day. And three months later, here we are.

What’s so cool about that song is you name checked so many of the other classic songs in the new song.

Yeah, we’re always trying to be as clever as we can with that lyric because there’s still some country fans out there that love a good lyric.

Well, that’s certainly one of them. And that’s just a great song for summer. And I think everybody is so excited about this summer because we can finally get back out and see you guys on tour. We saw you down at the CMA Fest last week, and we know you’re going to be up here in our neck of the woods at Vicki’s Camp N Country Jam up in Redwood Falls there on July 9. What’s it like being back out on the road after a couple of years where we couldn’t do anything?

Yeah, it’s crazy, man, to see it. And I know we’re opening up, but there’s different places that are still you can still see remnants of the COVID effect. But we’re back out now, man, and there’s a lot of sellout shows, so we can’t wait to get back up there and crush it to the real country music fan.

Yeah, well, we can’t wait to see you guys again. LOCASH is going to be at Vicki’s Camp N Country Jam in Redwood Falls, coming right up. Saturday, July 9. We’ve got all the info on our Quick Country app

We’re living it up out here. The fans are showing up with their hands up higher than ever, singing louder than they’ve ever sang. And I tell you what, we’re back, baby.

That is so cool to see. I can’t wait to see you guys there at Vicki’s Camp N Country Jam. Okay. I have one question for you, too, because your song and you have a lot of great songs, but your song I know somebody that is one of those songs that I don’t care how often I play it here in the air, how often I’m playing it at home or whatever, I never get tired of hearing that song. It’s just such a great song. And melody is so great and everything. What’s the song that you guys never, ever get tired of hearing?

Man, mine is an old school, and it’s Huey Lewis and the News ‘Power of Love’

Oh, yeah. From Back to the Future. Yeah. That’s a great one.

Yeah. Mine probably ‘Kickstart My Heart’ Mötley Crüe.

Oh, there you go. Another great one. Yeah. Wow. Very cool. Yeah. There’s just something about your song there, man. I love that. Love hearing it. And it’s just when that first intro hits, it takes me right back to a couple of years ago when that came out. So very cool. And then we always ask we have one last question for you here. I’ll let you guys get going. I know you’re busy, and I appreciate you taking some time out on the road to talk to us up here in the Land of 100 Lakes again, I can’t wait to see you at Vicki’s Camp N Country Jam in Redwood Falls. But we ask a couple of questions here, and we go question three. Okay. What did you have for lunch yesterday?

Oh, man, I don’t think I have lunch.

No lunch either. Dinner.

Oh, man. What did you have for dinner?

I had Chick-fil-A.

Okay. There we go.

That’s what we’re calling it. Nice. Yes.

Last night, well, we’re going to be on the road on Father’s Day, so my kids surprised me with a little Father’s Day meal, and they had some donuts.


Yeah, it was kind of nice to have donuts at dinner with a cup of coffee, so it’s a little different. But I loved it.

Nice. Very cool. Well and happy Father’s Day.

Thank you. We’re all daddy’s on this, but boy.

I tell you what, so maybe that might be the best Father’s Day presence that you guys are actually on the road for a little bit.


There you go.

We should get a grill and grill out on Sunday.

Exactly. There you go. I want to see in shorts with the sandals and the white socks.

Then, you know, you’re well, there’s one guy on the bus that doesn’t have babies. His name’s Josh. He’s our drummer that we know of. He’s kind of like our bus mom, so maybe he should do the grilling.

Oh, there you go. That sounds like a good chore for him. You got to learn them up.

That’s right.

Very cool. All right, it’s Chris and Preston from LOCASH chatting with us here in Quick Country. And again, they’re going to be at Vicki’s Camp N Country Jam up in Redwood Falls Saturday, July 9 we’ve got all the details on our Quick Country app. Guys, I will let you go. But thanks so much for chatting with us. Great to talk to you.

Yeah, man, thank you. We’ll see you soon, OK?

Sounds cool. Take it easy, guys. Appreciate it.


Alright. Later.